What is Unbound?

Unbound is intentional community. There to lift each other up in prayer and in fellowship. However, a community has to consist of people on all ends of the spectrum. People who have been through and survived through situations that someone else may be going through (divorce, depression, affairs, abuse, weight gain, weight loss, cancer, child birth, miscarriage, kids with behavioral problems, addictions, etc) Maybe what you went through can help give someone else hope and help. So, if we are only there when we struggle then our community is one sided and weak. But if we stay even when we are on the other side of an issue we can empower someone else. In doing so we are being the church. We all sin and fall short of the Glory of God. Because of that we need community to help us get through these issues. There is no story too small, no story too big that God can not use in a community. Come join us on Tuesday’s at 6:30pm at Forest Hills Wesleyan Church and see how Unbound tries to fulfill this version of community.