Hello Parents!

My name is Matt and my wife (Ashley) and I have some exciting news for you.  We have a reinvented program on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm to 7:30pm starting September 9 called Kidz Klub.

This year we will be having prizes, games, contests, fun, rewards and awards.  Kidz Klub is for all kids ages 4 through 5th grade. The children will receive awards for various tasks.  Some of the Awards this year will be for Acting, Handmade Art, Relating well to Family, Food Fun, Making Music, Nature.  They will also earn awards for different games as well.  This year’s theme is “Exploring God’s Word”  and I am excited to be bringing this theme because it is a reminder of how important the Bible is in our lives and who we are according to God and how he made each of us unique for a purpose.  We will dive in and learn what the Bible is and why it is important.  

Due to COVID-19 we are taking extra precautions.  Be prepared for things to look different from before.  Parents will need to check-in their children.  They will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability.  This statement ensures that everyone understands that their children are attending at their own risk.

Children will need to wear masks (masks will be provided, if needed), be agreeable to having their hands sanitized frequently, and practice social distancing.

Please only have ONE parent or guardian pick up their child(ren).

We will do our part to clean and sanitize the room before and after the kids leave, to provide a safe environment for your children.

BONUS: if your child brings the included registration form with them the first night of Kids Klub they will receive a prize.

We will be providing snacks but there will also be individually wrapped snacks available for purchase (this is one way we raise funds for the Kids Klub program).

There will be several events throughout the year where parents will be encouraged to attend but parents are always welcome to stay any time. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at (812)424-2647.  

God Bless,

The Presleys

Sept 9, 2020First Day   
Sept 16, 2020Lesson 1Unit 1I Can Use The Bible 
Sept 23, 2020Lesson 2Unit 1The Old Testament Tells About God 
Sept 30, 2020Lesson 3Unit 1The Bible Tells About Jesus 
10/7/2020Lesson 4Unit 1Learning To Pray 
10/14/2020Lesson 1Unit 2Loving Others 
10/21/2020Lesson 2Unit 2Serving Others 
11/4/2020Lesson 3Unit 2Fighting Prejudice 
11/11/2020No Klub   
11/18/2020Thanskgiving Party   
11/25/2020No Klub   
12/2/20202Lesson 4Unit 2When We Do Wrong 
12/9/2020Lesson 1Unit 3Love No Matter What 
12/16/2020Christmas Party   
12/23/2020No Klub   
12/30/2020No Klub   
1/6/2021Lesson 2Unit 3Following My Good Shephard 
1/13/2021Lesson 3Unit 3God’s Saving Love 
1/20/2021Lesson 4Unit 3God Helps Us 
1/27/2021Lesson 1Unit 4Made by God 
2/3/2021Lesson 2Unit 4Jesus Loves Me 
2/10/2021Valentines Day   
2/17/2021Lesson 3Unit 4My Skills and Qualities 
2/24/2021Lesson 4Unit 4God Guides Me 
3/3/2021Lesson 1Unit 5Mothers 
3/10/2021Lesson 2Unit 5Fathers 
3/17/2021Lesson 3Unit 5Family Trouble and Forgiveness 
3/24/2021No Klub   
4/7/2021Lesson 4Unit 5God Helps Families 
4/14/2021Lesson 1Unit 6Knowing God More and More 
4/21/2021Lesson 2Unit 6What’s Most Important 
4/28/2021Lesson 3Unit 6Decisions That Please God 
5/5/2021Lesson 4Unit 6Standing Up for What’s Right 
5/26/2021Last Day