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Kids Club 

Dates: During the school year, Starts Wednesday, September 4th
Time: 6:15 ~ 7:30
Ages: 2 years old ~ 5th grade

Kids Club is an awesome midweek adventure during the school year.  Each week the kids meet and fellowship with friends and team leaders. The kids even get the chance to earn awards and participate in some wild and crazy competitions.  Not only do we have the classes but we also have parties such as a “Costume Party”, “Jesus’s Birthday Party” and a “Nerd Party”. We also have game nights:  one Wednesday a month we play off the wall games – games that have a lot of crazy twists to them.

Finally at the end of Kids Club we have a “Carnival” (sorry no rides).  The kids earn tickets through the year for the carnival. This will be one adventure that is guaranteed to lift your spirits and make your heart rejoice.  

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Kids Club Registration